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Pizza Wheel

Monday, January 14th, 2013

I made the handle for this pizza wheel, the metal of which is a Rockler kit. This was a Christmas gift for some friends of mine, a married couple, whose devotion to cooking in general and pizza in particular demanded something better than a cheap stamped pizza wheel.


This kit is very high quality; I nearly cut myself several times on the blade, which sharp-eyed viewers will note that my camera cannot resolve the edge of, and the thing has an almost menacing heft in the hand.

Yes, more paduak.

Yes, more paduak.

The handle is a maple and paduak sandwich, chosen for their colors’ echo of the cheese and sauce of the presumptive target, and is made with a right-hand bias, since my friends are both righties. I left the bottom edge of the handle pointy so that the knuckles of the hand point at the target of the cut.


Pam’s box

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Yes, another box.


Paduak and wenge, neither of which I’m certain how to pronounce. Wenge is very hard indeed and needs to be wiped with solvent before it will take glue.

The brass isn't really worthy of the wood.

The brass isn’t really worthy of the wood.

Made for a family friend.

Nadia’s box

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Among the various projects I’ve been working on over the last year or so, one of the two that turned out really well was a little box that I made as a gift for the daughter of some friends. I had the general idea for it when visiting them, and figured that they therefore provided a good excuse to make it.

As noted previously, I find boxes and containers fascinating. While I do not yet have the ability to make really intricate puzzle boxes or the like, I do have access to a Rockler, and hence showy wood. If everyone looks at the grain pattern, my reasoning goes, they won’t be looking at the mistakes. Also, exotic wood is interesting to work with; the incomparable moment when you seal it and it “pops” is satisfying.

Anyhow, this is made from paduak:

Unlike some other woods that I have worked with, notably some rough-cut lacewood veneer, paduak is a joy to work with; it behaves like oak, while looking like sunlight in a redhead’s tresses (or something like that). It isn’t much of a puzzle how to open the box, but it isn’t immediately obvious, either:

The brass rod is threaded into one of the blocks of maple on the side. When it is pulled out, the top can be pulled forward with the finger tab on top. There’s enough friction in the works to keep the rod seated in normal circumstances.

I’m glad it turned out well, and glad that it was well-received by the recipient. Making it was useful therapy of an evening after work and classes.





Saturday, November 6th, 2010

(Insert intermission song here.)

The absence of content is due to my attempts at focusing on one project.

This project has lots of dependencies (CAD work, fab work, paperwork, lawyer work).

Hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill Life Goal #something – getting a patent.  It’s been a long few months, though.

In the mean time, contemplate the beauty inside a $2 2×4:

Or don’t.  I won’t blame you for not sharing my aesthetic sense.  Rare might be an understatement.

Oh, and I updated the book list.

Curve Front Cabinet 1

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Another “learning experience”: I need to spend more time working with wood stain.  This cabinet deserves a better stain job than I did.  It’s a little frustrating seeing all of the design work and woodworking marred by blotchy stain.

More on this project later, though.  There are a few points of interest.

(I’ve put up a reading list link on the right side of the site.  I’m only allowing myself to enter books that I haven’t read before, as an incentive to finish the numerous books on my “too be read” shelf rather than rereading Sherlock Holmes or Raymond Chandler.  Again.)