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Pizza Wheel

Monday, January 14th, 2013

I made the handle for this pizza wheel, the metal of which is a Rockler kit. This was a Christmas gift for some friends of mine, a married couple, whose devotion to cooking in general and pizza in particular demanded something better than a cheap stamped pizza wheel.


This kit is very high quality; I nearly cut myself several times on the blade, which sharp-eyed viewers will note that my camera cannot resolve the edge of, and the thing has an almost menacing heft in the hand.

Yes, more paduak.

Yes, more paduak.

The handle is a maple and paduak sandwich, chosen for their colors’ echo of the cheese and sauce of the presumptive target, and is made with a right-hand bias, since my friends are both righties. I left the bottom edge of the handle pointy so that the knuckles of the hand point at the target of the cut.


Pam’s box

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Yes, another box.


Paduak and wenge, neither of which I’m certain how to pronounce. Wenge is very hard indeed and needs to be wiped with solvent before it will take glue.

The brass isn't really worthy of the wood.

The brass isn’t really worthy of the wood.

Made for a family friend.