Damage Repair 1

As is not uncommon, I made a mistake.

Working on the previously mentioned border for my lacewood desktop, I began to make a miter cut on the wrong side of the wood.  I caught myself quickly, but was still left with a shallow cut across a display face of the pine and a chipped corner.



I am told that the fix for this is to take some clear wood glue, mix it with sawdust of the damaged wood, and work the resulting goo into the crack.  Making sawdust is easy.  Corralling it felt odd, given the visuals:


not what it looks like

I scraped the glue/sawdust mixture into the damage, pushed the chip back into place, and waited for it to dry.


After a little planing and lots of sanding with fine grit to get rid of any surface glue (which won’t stain), the result is less effective than I hoped, but will have to do:


The top of the filler is flush with the wood, the chip is reaffixed, and the gap is harder to see, but still evident.  I’ll see what happens when I stain it.  I think I should have used more sawdust in the mix.  Unfortunately, I am stuck with this piece of wood, since I had ripped the border pieces specially on a someone else’s saw.  Regardless, I’m happy with this first attempt so far.  The mitered corners match up almost perfectly, which is harder than it sounds.

Next up: stain.

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