Resource-poor assembly

As promised, a brief discussion of the stain I’m using on the border pieces for the lacewood desk surface.

The Minwax “Puritan Pine” stain turned out to be really light.  I’m told that antique Colonial furniture was often painted bright colors, such as literal blood red, so I’m not sure of the whole “Puritan” motif here, anyway.  I thought it might make a good base, though.  I wanted something lighter than the show-off lacewood, but with enough red to pick out the cherry on the lacewood.  Below are the two blends I ended up using:


The background is plain pine plywood.  The top strip of stained pine is one of the desktop borders.  It is perhaps 15:1 Puritan Pine to Red Oak stain.  The lower piece of pine is a 10:1 or therebouts mix.  I like the lower color better, and am using it for the rest of the pine trim on the desk.  The thing is, you have to stain everything you want to be the same color at the same time, since you are unlikely to exactly recreate the color the second time without a pipette or similar sciencey glassware.

Assembly is becoming an issue.  Specifically, my paucity of clamps is becoming an issue.  Not having any pipe clamps, how am I to keep the (slightly warped) borders tight to the desktop while gluing?  With cargo tie-downs, previously purchased for a physics-defying furniture move.


Before anyone says anything, I know that the hooks should against the back, non-display face of the wood.  Unfortunately, I remembered this after deploying the glue.  We shall chalk this up to further valuable learning experience and move on, again. I did remember to put shims between the straps and the pine to spread the force and avoid marring.

The “feet” of the desk legs are currently drying as well.  I have no bar clamps, and my C-clamps are enormous rusty things normally used for brake caliper work.  In the event, my steel paint storage box is currently doing duty as a “heavy thing”, replacing my previous expedient of copies of The Blue and the Gray and The Penguin Book of Victorian Villanies, which proved to be insufficiently, er, weighty.

They say you can’t have enough bar clamps, and I believe them.  They’re on the (long) list.

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