Sippican Cottage Footstool

I mentioned Sippican Cottage Furniture the other day.  Here’s why:


Sippican Cottage Super Ten Fingers Stepper

That top step that you are looking at is tiger maple, finished appropriately.  It changes color a bit as the light changes, and the photograph doesn’t lie.  It is that pretty under bright light.

Another view:


If you look closely, you will see that there is some wear on the stool.  Sippican Cottage makes “slightly distressed” furniture, a look that I do not prefer but have to admit looks good here.

I purchased this as a gift for a friend a while ago, but had to take a few pictures before giving it to her.  It is good to remember what can be done by those who are (much) more skilled than you are, to have something to aspire to.  I also really wanted to see that maple up close.  Now to find a source for it.

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