3D Laser Scan Attempt 1

Attempt the first

Attempt the first

The first attempt at 3d laser scanning.  Verdict: needs work.  And a better laser.  (It always seems to come back to firepower.)  Using a fixed-prism wall laser didn’t work well because one edge of the laser is much brighter, given that it is designed to fire down the length of the wall.  What I need is an laser chalkline, which are a bit more expensive, though not prohibitively so.  And yes, I am happy to live in a time when I can blithely go to the hardware store, and ask for “An adjustable prism laser and a pound of your finest nails, shopkeeper”.

In addition, I probably shouldn’t have tried to laser scan a reflective object.   Some days I am surprised I can see my fingers to count to ten.

* It has been pointed out by a friend of mine that this is in fact my second attempt at this, as he helped me with the first, earlier in the day.  Perhaps I should retitle the article “semi-successful attempt 1”.

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