Packaging – Filter Paper Edition


From an era when commercial artists may have worked more cheaply, we have this salvaged box of filter paper.  I didn’t think that I needed filter paper, but then I noticed the box.

This impressive seal must have been worth many thousands of sales.  After seeing this, how could you purchase a lesser brand?  The pinstriping and font choices alone guarantee the respectability and reliability of the product.  From the sober “Chemically Prepared Paper” banner at the top to the little fleur-de-lis at the bottom, the thought that went into the design is evident.  Lesser companies might not expend this effort on the label, it seems to say, but we at W. & R. Baltson consider *all* aspects of our product.  The orange stripe that looks like a ribbon is in fact a paper ribbon that ensures that your fine purchase has not been tampered with by postal workers intrigued by your box of paper.

(I am pleased to note that the company is still more or less in business, though now a division of GE Healthcare.)


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