A note on design

(ed: written in the dead of dry winter, 2008)

A minor note on design, addressed to the folks at Sunbeam.

Your Health At Home humidifier, in addition to being suprisingly alliterative, does aid me during the very dry winters here.  However, I usually run it while sleeping, and this leads me to quibble with your testing methodology.  I suggest that you test your products in the dark, in addition to whatever other processes you now use.

Here is what I see when I look over to determine why my room is not as dark as usual:

view of humidifier with lights off
Despite the resemblance to a butane mini torch, this is merely the vapor plume being illuminated by the “on” led, and not my apartment being set afire by a pyromaniac gnome.  The LED is sufficiently bright that I cannot photograph the humidifier in the light without troubles:

view of humidifier with lights on

The plume looks neat in the light (though, alas, not via digicam CCD), but tends to keep one awake.  Fortunately, this is a minor problem, easily corrected by the strategic application of a piece of electrical tape.  The humidifier has earned some trust, after all, by surviving in a storage bin for two years after having been put away damp.

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