I found this:


Not very useful by itself.  I think it used to have a glass top, probably with a plant sitting on top.  It has a little surface rust from sitting outside.

I also had this:


Both the table’s top and the marble tile have the same dimensions.



The corner is rounded on the wire frame to the point that it will not accept the tile.

I thought about using a jigsaw with a tile-cutting blade to nip the marble corners at 45 degrees.  The oft-used expedient of “standing for a long time in front of the tools at the hardware store” resulted in a  helpful clerk informing me that this was probably not a good idea due to the relative softness of the marble when compared with tile.  I have no idea if he is right, but the effectiveness of his suggestion of sanding the marble backs up his aversion to the tile blade.  I hadn’t realized that marble is relatively soft, but recalling my “earth science” classes, it makes sense that the metamorphic marble would be less tough than, say, igneous granite.

Sanding works:


Rough on the sandpaper, though.


(To be fair, I used a file to knock down some high points on the table frame.)

Come better weather, I’ll repaint the frame, but for now I have the little table by my front door, waiting for my keys.  Perhaps I need a small silver plate for calling cards.


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