Harp desk

Does this look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

Does the surface in the above picture look familiar?  What happened to that desk, anyway?

harp-desk-frontIt’s basically done.  It needs sealing, but that’s all I’m going to do.  Well, and a little stain touch-up here and there.  But that’s all, really.   Really.

I realized that I would never finish if I wanted it perfect, so I decided to treat it as a prototype.  As everyone knows, one expects problems with prototypes.  This mindset helped me to finally put it together instead of fiddling indefinitely with dowels, sandpaper, and a ruler.

Fit and finish is mediocre, and I really need to learn to round off edges more than I did here.  However, the basic structure is stronger than I had thought it might be, and it looks pretty good from 4 feet away.


Pay no attention to the light socket.

There is a little illusion in the shape; the feet are actually 3/4 as long as the desk is deep.  The shape makes them look as if they are shorter.


Aviating furniture: it's the future!

I believe that this is the first piece of furniture that I’ve made from scratch (and actually completed).  I certainly learned a lot.   Were I to make another, I would change some things in the design to make it more durable, as well as changing some geometry to hide imperfections better.  Notably, I would change the front edge of the “wings” so that they differ more from the front profile of the legs. With the available tools, it was difficult to get them to match.  I would also use straight border pieces for the top, rather than the bevels.  The corners do not repay close inspection.

One oddity that came to light:

harp-desk-brassThat piece of brass rod is the only metal in the desk.  I put it there to bridge the gap between the strip veneer that covers the bottom edge of the modesty panel. (Really.  That’s what it is called).  Unfortunately, under some light, the shiny end of the brass is surprisingly visible, and draws attention away from the top of the desk.  I’ve since filed it at an angle to reflect light downward.

One last lesson, evidently.  I need to learn to take better photographs.

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