Nature wins again

My apartment complex could be described as slightly worn, and so it not as pleasing to the eye as it could be.  My apartment number was evidently painted over during the last maintenance period, and has been restored to contrast with the door by the scientific application of a marker.  This level of art was at the back of my mind recently while I was painting pieces of a table on the walk outside my door, feeling slightly proud of my attempts to make *something* look better.

Then I looked over at the crack between the brick face of the building and the walk:

“That’s really pretty,” thought I, realizing that these flowers are essentially a weed that is flourishing in a small gap in the pavement.  (That’s the brick wall at the back of the picture).  Nature wins again.  My painting won’t result in anything that pretty.

When I went to pick up the dried items later, I looked again:

With the afternoon shadow upon them, the flowers closed up.  So… not only do they look better than my work, they adapt to the sun over the course of a few hours.  All this from a 1/4″ gap in the cement.
Nature, and humility, win again.

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