What is claimed is…


that I finally submitted the patent application I’ve been working on for the last year and a half.



This was certainly an education. CAD to slicing to 3d printer prototypes to illustrations to word doc to patent legalese. I’m sure that even now some poor patent clerk (Hi, Dan!) is looking at my application in disgust, what with my insistence on writing almost all of it myself. It’s certainly the most-revised document I’ve ever written, though likely not the most expensive, as I am a “small entity” and so pay reduced patent fees. My senior history thesis probably wins the “most expensive paper” award thus far.

Thanks must go to BPM Legal for far more work than I anticipated for my money. Extremely limited thanks to the Patent Office itself for not updating their new published guidelines until at least two months after they legally took effect.

It’s probably not the only patent application with MSPaint-edited figures, but it’s probably one of the few.

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