Mission Endtable

An old friend of mine got married a while ago, to a woman of discerning taste and an enthusiasm for Arts and Crafts style. There was nothing for it but for Jeff  (another friend of mine), and I to make the two of them an endtable as a wedding gift. I did the construction, and Jeff did the finishing. This worked out to advantage, since he’s better at finishing and detail work than I. Because he, and not I, applied the final polish, you can see the wall reflected from the tabletop in the wall below.

(Sorry about the poor picture; we were kind of in a hurry to get to the wedding.)

Amusingly, the wedding was at the Roycroft Inn, set in the old hub of the Roycroft Arts and Crafts community, and the happy couple overnighted there, opening their gifts that night. Evidently there was some apprehension that they would have trouble carrying the table out the next day, given its resemblance to the rest of the Roycroft’s oeuvre. Incidentally, the Roycroft is quite nice and redolent of craftsmanship.

Anyhow, the table is plainsawn red oak, not quartersawn white, and it’s stained rather than ammonia fumed, but none of that matters. This is one of my favorite projects, since I knew that the couple would like it, and it turned out really nicely thanks to the finish applied by Jeff.

I’d like to try ammonia fuming, but evidently it’s not easy to find high-test ammonia these days, and the weaksauce household stuff is not at all potent enough.

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