There is a classic economists’ model that places a nation’s spending along the continuum formed by butter at one end and guns at the other.  Over the last several years, I find that I’ve skimped on the butter, preferring to spend time at the hardware store rather than restaurants.  I have thus ended up with a stock of tools and project components that I have never gotten around to using.  Further compounding my sins, I have let numerous projects lapse, or languish, half-completed.

In an effort to keep myself honest and motivated, I have decided to write about whatever crosses my project table.  I make no guarantee that the articles will be interesting or even profound.  My interests seem to waver like Mr. Toad’s, with the difference that I lack an enormous country house and am rather more limited in the funding department.

As an additional caution, while I have a vague sort of knowledge of many things, I am not necessarily well-informed on the particulars.  My primary qualification for many things seems often to be a willingness to break my posessions in hopes that I can put them back together, or at least salvage a good anecdote.

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