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What is Web 3.0?

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What we do

Venture Builder

Venture Builder

We build new ventures based on the latest Web 3.0 technologies together with our in-house team of experts and founders.

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We work with start-ups and scale-ups to help them with Venture Strategy, Branding, Product/UX, Blockchain, Insurance and much more.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Discover how digital strategy can upgrade your business with process automation, lower operational costs and optimised customer funnels.

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The next generation of financial technology, sound economic principles and alternative finance solutions for wealth management and distribution.


Life and non-life insurance solutions, underwriting, claims management and novel insurtech solutions based on IoT, wearables and blockchain.


Digital governance systems, large scale management and voting solutions built around transparency, security and decentralisation.

Data Economy

Decentralized data management protocols for digital content distribution, marketplace platforms and storage solutions.

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Red Sands Insurance 4Life Direct Correlation Risk Partners Deloitte ING Bank Pragmatic Solutions

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