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Venture Builder

Venture Builder

Proof of Concept

Research, ideation and experimentation to validate various digital concepts alongside prospect customers and users.


Functional specifications and developement of minimum viable products with roadmaps and go to market strategies.

Growth Strategy

Product marketing, growth strategy and venture scaling through business development after product market fit is achieved.

Team Formation

Team composition, structure and scaling with expertise tailored to the venture field and emphasis on the exciting startup culture.


Funding preparation, investment documents and preparation for the fundraising process for angel, pre-seed and seed stages.

Venture Strategy

Business model, pricing strategy and venture development roadmap to support and accelerate the business development and scale up process.



Product & UX

Product management and user experience design services to ensure a viable, optimised and engaging product performance.

Brand & Content Strategy

Design a memorable brand identity, create and publish strategic content to grow and engage an audience around your business.

Business Strategy

Create and implement the right business strategy with viable venture models, from revenues and operations to management and partnerships.

DeFi & Blockchain

Advisory services and expertise of DeFi protocols and blockchain technology, compatible business models, token economics and real use cases.

Insurance & Underwriting

Advisory services provided to life and non life insurance businesses including claims handling, underwriting, customer service and compliance.

Venture Builder Programs

Initiation and management consultancy for incubator and accelerator programs tailored for corporate innovation and venture capital deal flow.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


In-depth analysis of your business to identify the applicable digital optimisation strategy to leverage automation, lower costs, grow and diversify revenues.

Digital Strategy

Generate reports detailing the recommended digital strategy for your business, costs and benefits breakdown and provide the implementation plan.


We support your business during the gradual implementation of the digital strategy alongside performance tracking tools for optimal results.

How we work

How we work

Mission Oriented

Whether it comes to in-house ventures or consulting for our business clients, we establish our mission to be achieved and work alongside to make it happen.

Lean Execution

We create a shared understanding of the work at hand, while keeping our processes lean, fast and reliable, to deliver the very best outcomes.

Data Driven Results

Everything we build goes through a validation step with customers, stakeholders, market and industry data to ensure reliable and best-in-class results.

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